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    Jonathan ManningJonathan Manning

    Castan Chambers
    Level 13
    460 Lonsdale Street
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000

    Clerk: Greens List Barristers

    Telephone: 0408 037 733


    Admitted to Practice: 21 August 2009

    Signed Bar Roll: 25 October 2018

    Also Admitted in: Victoria


    Jonathan is an experienced advocate who accepts briefs in state and federal criminal law, commercial and administrative law, and competition and consumer law.

    Jonathan has appeared in all Victorian Courts, including the Court of Appeal (unled). In his criminal law practice, he accepts briefs across all State and Commonwealth laws, including Occupational Health and Safety matters.

    He has been briefed for both defence and prosecution as junior and sole counsel in WorkSafe prosecutions, terrorism, immigration and drug importation prosecutions, and contested committals. In 2019, he was selected as a participant in Victoria Legal Aid’s Trial Counsel Development Program.

    Jonathan also accepts briefs in commercial, administrative, and competition and consumer law matters. He has appeared in VCAT and in appeals to the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in a range of civil practice areas. He continues to act for clients in contractual disputes, ACL related matters, building disputes, occupational licensing and regulation, and tenancy related issues.

    He is currently a sitting member of the Tennis Victoria Tribunal and the Cricket Victoria Tribunal, and has previously sat on soccer tribunals in both Victoria and Tasmania.

    Jonathan read with Pat Doyle, and his Senior Mentor was Richard Maidment QC.

    Prior to coming to the Bar, Jonathan worked as a Senior Advocate at the Office of Public Prosecutions, a Senior Advocate at Consumer Affairs Victoria, a Federal Prosecutor at the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions, and a Solicitor Advocate in private practice.

    Areas of Practice:

    • Criminal Law
    • Criminal and Civil Appeals
    • Competition and Consumer Law, including consumer protections, restraint of trade, market conduct, product liability
    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Residential Tenancies, Commercial Tenancies, Leases
    • Occupational Licensing and Regulation, and Disciplinary Tribunals


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