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    Dr Ian Freckelton QC

    Crockett Chambers
    616/530 Lonsdale Street
    Melbourne, 3000 Victoria

    c/o Barristers� Clerk Howells, Owen Dixon Chambers West
    525 Lonsdale Street
    Melbourne, 3000, Victoria

    DX 91 Melbourne

    Telephone: 03 9225 7666
    Facsimile: 03 9914 2790


    Admitted to Practice: 1987

    Signed Bar Roll: 1988

    Appointed Silk: 2007

    Also Admitted In: Victoria, NSW, Qld, SA, NT, ACT, High Court


    Dr Freckelton SC is an experienced advocate with a trial, appellate and advisory practice. He has appeared in many leading cases throughout Australia for over two decades across a number of areas of law. He appears for plaintiffs and defendants, the prosecution and the defence in criminal matters, and extensively both for and against state and Commonwealth government instrumentalities in administrative law matters. He is also a nationally accredited mediator.

    Dr Freckelton has been a member of 10 tribunals, including the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria, the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, and the Mental Health Review Board of Victoria. He is a member of Victoria�s Coronial Council, a Professorial Fellow of Law and Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Monash University.

    Dr Freckelton is the Editor of the Journal of Law and Medicine and of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. He is the author of books on Expert Evidence, Law and Medicine, Regulation and Disciplinary Law, Coronial Law, Causation, Coercive Care, Law and Mental Health, Policing, Criminal Law, Sentencing, Scholarly Misconduct, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence. He is an elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, the Academy of Social Sciences Australia, and the Australasian College of Legal Medicine.

    For a fuller c-v, see www.ianfreckelton.com.au

    Areas of Practice:

    Administrative Law & Judicial Review
    Commercial Law
    Coronial Law
    Criminal Law
    Disciplinary Law
    Personal Injury Law
    Professional Conduct and Professional Negligence
    Sports Law
    Tort Law
    Workplace Health and Safety



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